For the Uke Who Needs a Seme

And for the Seme Who Is Bored

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For The Uke In Need of a Seme
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This community is for yaoi roleplayers who are in need of a seme. There seem to be way too many uke roleplayers, and not enough seme ones to go around. So you come here to find a seme to play with, or post your own ad to play.

How It Works
Well, if you play seme characters, fill out the form below and post it to the community to "advertise" the semes you play. If you do not see players you like on the main page, search through the memories. Every entry will be entered into the memories, and you can search through the keywords to find what you're looking for. People who are interested in roleplaying with you comment to arrange something. Make sure the AIM screen name you put on your form is a way people can contact you! What sense it is to a post a screen name no one can access you on? Anyway, if there are any questions, feel free to ask!

It's good to check back at least once every two weeks or so to see if anyone replied to your post!

Ad Form
Well, when you make a post to this community, there is a format that needs to be followed; It makes organizing all the entries into the memories a lot easier.

Name/Handle: Whatever it is you want to be called here. It's for common courtesy.
AIM Screen name: Most people tend to have AIM or AOL, so it's only natural that I put this here. This can be an RP screen name, or a general screen name you use to talk to people to keep your RP screen name secret until you decide to tell them. They must be able to get a hold of you through this!
Semes you play: Put the name of your semes and what they are from here. For example, Sanosuke - Rurouni Kenshin; Yohji Kudou - Weiss Kreuz; Draco Malfoy - Harry Potter and the book of whatever; etc.
Looking For: Is there a particular uke you're looking to play with? If there is, put their name and origin here. It's not a required field, but it makes it a bit easier for you to find what you want :D
Guidelines: Some players have guidelines for RP. Like, min-max posts, kinks, stuff like that. Put these here.

Link us!
Spread the word! Post this banner in your info, on your website, journal, whatever! I'm sure this could be a huge help to yaoi roleplayers everywhere. Feel free to direct link!

This community is managed by charmingly and capt_koki.

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