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Uke in need of a seme!

Name/Handle: Julie
AIM Screen name: Genetic Lottery
Ukes I play: The ONLY character I play that isn't an original is Agent Sands from Once Upon A Time In Mexico. I actually don't play much anime/manga stuff anymore. I've fallen into using real people as pictures and wanting the people I play with to do the same. But I'm willing to over-look such things if I like you. I do have a few left over character pictures that I've drawn of my own.
Looking For: Some one who plays semes, obviously. I tend to be a one person player, I find some one I really like and click with, and RP with them exclusively. I like chatting OOC to find out what the other person likes and whatnot. I love people with a sense of humor over everything that's going on, and I often comment spasticaly on scene in the middle of them if I'm having a ton of fun. Really, when you love a character you have to make fun of them! I like the sly...almost subtly evil seme. Or a broody seme. Or..really..any kind of seme.
Guidelines: I do have some guidelines. I like atleast two full IM boxes or more. I always do two, and I would like to receive the same or better. I prefer modern realism, fantasy is alright, just make it modern. I do have a few fantasy-esque characters. I do have a bit of a bondage kink. And nothing at all squicks me, only bodily waste. Everything else is fair game. I like me some angst, but also comedy, and violence is fun on occassion...

Really, I am in need of some one to INSPIRE me. I've been falling out of the RP scene, I just need some one that I'll be excited to play with again. Some one I hope to see when I sign on, some one I can create characters with that we both fall in love with.

Please, semes, just give me an IM some time and let's get to talking about ourselves and see if we click. I'll love you long time. XD <3

Oh, and I have a wacky schedule. I work 3pm-11pm Eastern time four days a week. So I'm usually on...11am-1pm, or 12am-2am.

Let's try and work something out. <3
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