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Aliases:Ziel, Z, Nadia, Caria

Style: freeform paragraph or short post
Format: email, messenger, board, LJ
Favorite Genre: fantasy, sci-fi, modern fantasy, steam punk, future, historical
Also Plays In: Anything if you explain it well enough
Plays both fan and original settings.
Fan Settings: Pern, Valdemar, Harry Potter, Outlaw Star, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Sonic, Hyper Police, Macross, Xanth, Faerun, Fruits Basket, Gungrave, Trigun, Chobits, Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Importality series.
Favorite Theme / Concept: demon/angel, flyboys Er..pilots, Questy stuff, Opposites attract(Enemy stuff or two types that rub eachother wrong.. EX: Theif/Cleric, Gunman/Police, etc.)
Rate your play: PG – NC17

Would you play ...
- yaoi? Yeah(non explicit)
- yuri? Same as above
- a death scene? Sure
- a villian? Perhaps yeah
- an otherwise controverisal character? Controversial how? Put probably a yes.

Peeves: I will never play with someone who ... Writes novels instead of posts, only does PWP, doesn’t at least TRY to spell right, only writes really short posts, does too much introspective stuff, angsts to much, whines too much, is a bitch OOC.
Adores: I will worship someone who plays ... Ukes with spine, characters with background, people with interesting names, somebody who is really good at thinking of ideas/plots
Warnings: I can't play serious evil, I don't write anything super graphic, I suck at writing backgroundy stuff but I can do it, I wont do anything "hardcore", and I have some spelling issues(Aka I don't always spell things write, then I get going I spell better, but I still have issues.)
Interested in: Plot or backgrounded shounen-ai, somebody who can take on the task of my more powerful characters and wont throw fits, or pretty much anything semi long term or long term.

AIM: ladycaria
Yahoo: warrior_nadia

Comments: I'm always looking for new people to play with. I'm available from about 12PM to 12AM EST(I'm on a break from college..fwee.). I'm not good at making the first move, so I'd really prefer if you messaged me first. If you do I promise to talk with you, we can see if things will work out and then play some. I really am looking for someone for something long term, so if you think you'll get tired of me, please tell me before we really get into things, I'm tired of losing partners and having to recyle characters. I will do my best not to be a total jerk, but I get moody/hyper a lot, so..expect random mood changes. ^-^
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