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*waves hand* I'm a seme! Me-me-me!

Name/Handle: Kio
AIM Screen name: MamuEnvy but I'm not around on that much >.> Feel free to e-mail at[@] and I'll pop on
Semes you play:
Muraki - Yami no Matsuei
Aya - Weiss Kreuz
K - Gravitation
Benitora - Samurai Deeper Kyo
Kaidoh - Prince of Tennis
Raven/Serge - Virus Buster Serge
Magatsu - Blade of the Immortal
Pan/John - Island
Leon - Petshop of Horrors
Eclipse - Demon Diary
Majeh/Samhuk - King of Hell
Bi Ryu - NOW
Yujinn - Vampire Game
Kougaiji/Hakkai - Saiyuki
Akabane - GetBackers
Iruka - Naruto
Seishiro/Subaru - Tokyo Babylon (currently in testing X3)
Shen Long - Bloody Roar 2 version
Sephiroth/Tseng - FF7
Zell - FF8
Raiden - Metal Gear Solid 2 (new - wanting to test)
Dart/Albert - Legend of Dragoon
Guile - Crono Cross

Looking For: I'm not looking for original characters for my fandom characters (can be exceptions if interesting enough =^^=). I'm really craving some rare stuff here but have no problem with some of the main stream either
Muraki/Tatsumi - Tatsumi/Muraki
Crawford/Aya - Aya/Crawford
K/Yuki - Yuki/K
Magatsu/Manji - Manji/Magatsu (I will worship any Manji player ._.)

Guidelines: I'm really not that picky with spelling and such..but I do like 'you' instead of 'u' and that kind of crap when RP-ing. Outside of it, don't care. I like to do a single paragraph posting, hell, even just two really long strung together sentences make me happy. One liners are fine if the situation calls for it, if it doesn' >< I'll feel cheated and sad. If someone likes more than one paragraph for posting, like..2-3 paragraphs etc. I can adapt but I just don't prefer it.

I don't mind sex scenes at all ^^ It's more interesting if the uke doesn't just lay there and go 'yes, yes' then that's it...but again I'm actually not that picky. Description goes a long way for satisfaction but simple and sweet provide an easy flow so I'm good either way. Just at least know the basics I guess? XD I don't mind blood, gore, kink, cursing, yada, yada. I'm sure I've run across everything at least once and I haven't run off screaming yet.

Long-term RP is lovely if the characters gain some depth during the plot, always some kind of twist but I don't mind short term either. Something just spread over the expanse of two days or the like and we move on with a different idea. As for short term RP-ers? Me no likie. Mostly when it concerns a pairing I would squeee over and want to play more than just once.

I suppose that's it *falls out of chair, fast alseep*
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