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Uke Looking For Seme!

Name/Handdle : Kawaii Chibi / Kawaii Neko (personal online name, i'd have to know you personally!)

My IM's are : AIM - Kawaii Koro Neko / Chibi Koro Neko (two AIM's no spaces needed or caps) Please notify me, when you would like to IM me ASAP! (CMMT) But! I would prefere RP'ing through e-mails! Its easier and faster! kawaiikoroneko@aol.com / chibikoroneko@aol.com So if you like to RolePlay IM me, Comment Here For More Information, E-Mail me! :3

History Playing Uke's : Shindo Shuichi, Aoyagi Ritsuka (Notice! : I Rp Ukes. And others more Exp-other characters who aren't necesarly seme/uke, straight, bisexual ect!)

Looking For : Seme Rp'er! (Note : Yaoi Rp's & Yuri Rp's) If possible : Eiri Yuki Uesugi Rp'er, Agatsuma Soubi, Tenoh Haruka Ect Any Seme! ^ - ~ <3 I dont like shy ect seme's is sad and boring... Emotions or expressions is alright. But no weak seme's ps.
*Kinks : Charming or Not, Mysterious, cold-same time nice/kind, closed-opened, serious ect.


Guidelines : I'm looking forward for a seme role player who has good gramma, and will not godmod, please do not write me less then three sentances. Over three sentances please. If you're OOC place it if you're IC too!
-----i'm not good speller, dont critisize it!
As a seme, i expect you to be the first, to send me a starter. When you contact my IM/E-Mail please introduce yourself. "Hi, hello, Good Morning, Good Evening, ect" I advice you to get to know me, so our Rp's are smooth, with no misunderstanding!

>>>And pls, dont be an OOC wise a**... DX

((Anything else lets just have fun roleplaying together, i'm good with anything, except murders, terror, horror of such. dont be a complainer. Okay Kk's~. > 3 < ))
(follow these and we shouldn't have any misunderstandings, of such encounters ooc and ic!)
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