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For the Uke Who Needs a Seme
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Thursday, September 30th, 2010
1:25 am
Uke Looking For Seme!

Name/Handdle : Kawaii Chibi / Kawaii Neko (personal online name, i'd have to know you personally!)

My IM's are : AIM - Kawaii Koro Neko / Chibi Koro Neko (two AIM's no spaces needed or caps) Please notify me, when you would like to IM me ASAP! (CMMT) But! I would prefere RP'ing through e-mails! Its easier and faster! kawaiikoroneko@aol.com / chibikoroneko@aol.com So if you like to RolePlay IM me, Comment Here For More Information, E-Mail me! :3

History Playing Uke's : Shindo Shuichi, Aoyagi Ritsuka (Notice! : I Rp Ukes. And others more Exp-other characters who aren't necesarly seme/uke, straight, bisexual ect!)

Looking For : Seme Rp'er! (Note : Yaoi Rp's & Yuri Rp's) If possible : Eiri Yuki Uesugi Rp'er, Agatsuma Soubi, Tenoh Haruka Ect Any Seme! ^ - ~ <3 I dont like shy ect seme's is sad and boring... Emotions or expressions is alright. But no weak seme's ps.
*Kinks : Charming or Not, Mysterious, cold-same time nice/kind, closed-opened, serious ect.


Guidelines : I'm looking forward for a seme role player who has good gramma, and will not godmod, please do not write me less then three sentances. Over three sentances please. If you're OOC place it if you're IC too!
-----i'm not good speller, dont critisize it!
As a seme, i expect you to be the first, to send me a starter. When you contact my IM/E-Mail please introduce yourself. "Hi, hello, Good Morning, Good Evening, ect" I advice you to get to know me, so our Rp's are smooth, with no misunderstanding!

>>>And pls, dont be an OOC wise a**... DX

((Anything else lets just have fun roleplaying together, i'm good with anything, except murders, terror, horror of such. dont be a complainer. Okay Kk's~. > 3 < ))
(follow these and we shouldn't have any misunderstandings, of such encounters ooc and ic!)

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Tuesday, January 19th, 2010
1:02 am

Are there still ukies here or should I move on...?

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Sunday, March 19th, 2006
9:26 pm
hiya. okay, neglectful mod post once again.

i have recreated the community. go here for it. semeunion

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Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
10:59 am
Holy crap. I totally forgot this place existed. o_o So people actually post here?

Anyway, I am the EXTREMELY neglectful mod charmingly under a rather new username. I'm posting this because I have gotten several complaints about this place via YIM and that there are underage people. I should have stated that there is a `don't ask, don't tell` policy; as long as I don't find OUT your age and you can be mature about things, then yeah.

Seeing as how I can't log into my old journal anymore (my passwords don't work ;[) I don't really have any control anymore and the co-mod capt_koki doesn't seem to have the powers anymore either.

So in light of all this, I ask that you all keep your ages to yourselves, because I am in no way responsible if you get in trouble. I don't want any more complaints and I don't want to see underage kiddies get in trouble because it is their own fault to join.

I may recreate this community, seeing as how I don't really have any way to mod it, or even get other people to mod it. Oh, and for those who are thinking of telling me to retrieve my password, my email that the name is registered under had been terminated a year ago. ;( so yeah.

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Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
12:02 am
I'm hoping to kickstart some life in the hunt for role playing seme's and ukes and I've created a sister community for ukes.


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Saturday, August 13th, 2005
10:41 pm
Nero works. As does potato and "Oh, you again >> ." I draw the line at cornmuffin, however.

AIM - ID Nero Gatto
E-mail - thelimemime@gmail.com
Via comments. I have other IM programs if necessary.

Semes you play:
Original only (fandom settings are a maybe, if I know them, and I know very few). I play a wide variety of characters, and can work with most anything if requested. I'm not used to playing a few types (specifically semes that are just jerks, 100% dominating both in and out of bed, or mindless brawn), but I generally like trying new things with characters.
Most of my semes aren't 100% tops, but can be depending on the other character. However, I will NOT play with someone that only plays 100% ukes. I don't mind leanings and inclinations, but that's gotten to be a red-flag in my "Bad RPer Alert!" system, understand. It's nothing personal, just too many RP-related anurisms.

Looking For:
A good RP. It's hard to define, and apparently even harder to find.
A balance between action and social interaction in the plot. Good, round characters. Well developed plot. Someone that will work with me in creating plots and twists and settings and all that fun whatnot. Or, even a plot where we don't plan out ahead (so long as I'm not the only one contributing to it).
Creativity in characters, plot, settings, posts, what have you is always a plus, too.

Don't godmod/auto me, chew me out, or use emotes in RP. Don't have stereotypical characters. Put effort in. Don't IM me every time I log on or expect to talk for as long as I'm online, or get offended when you IM my away message and I don't get back to you too soon (my BIGGEST pet peeve in online-dom right there); on the same lines I don't make friends with all my RP buddies and really don't mind if you only IM me when you want RP or to talk about RP (I don't mind other conversation sometimes, however). And if you're going to take 30+ minutes to respond, let me know you're busy? Keep one-liners to a minimum. If you have a problem with me (in RP, that is), tell me so that we can work out how to make it not a problem and thus have a better RPing expirience. (And I follow the same rules I expect others to abide to.)
Saturday, July 30th, 2005
12:05 pm
Name: Tenten
AIM: tenshiforgotten
MSN: tenshi_forgotten@hotmail.com
YAHOO: tenshiforgotten [I'm hardly EVER on, so if you intend to contact me this way, make sure to tell me in a comment here so I actually get on. ^^;]

Seme Roles:
Kurogane; Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Original Characters [Though usually mine turn out to be ukeish. -.-]
Comments on Seme Roles: I've only role played a few times, but I think of it as alot of fun and I would love to do it more often. I'll more than likely give any role a shot, but some pairings I just can't get into. *is a sucker for canon unless it's prince of tennis*

Uke Roles:
Akutagawa Jirou; Prince of Tennis
Taki Haginosuke; Prince of Tennis
Original Characters
Comments on Uke Roles: They aren't as fun as seme but I probably write them better, just because I like them less. Though, I still do like them! ^^

Looking For: I want to role play with someone who actually knows English (preferably first language) and does NOT type lik dis. Also, I have issues with role playing like... *walks over* Hi. I prefer to write in 3rd person, paragraph format. ^^;
Interested In Playing: I'm really into a DN Angel mood at the moment, and I have this plot running through my head that I would be REALLY WILLING to RP with someone else, but if no one wants to I'll write it as a fanfic. It would be Dark/Daisuke with some other pairings, if you're interested please IM me. ^^
Even if we don't RP DN Angel, I'm still really looking forward to RPing something so...
Guidelines: My only real guideline is no lemons right off the bat. I mean, if the two characters we play do eventually have sex that's fine, but not the first time they meet or something. >.> Oh! And I also like to plan out the RP before actually just jumping into it. ESPEACIALLY if it's going to be long-time extended, and not just a one-shot.

Last but not least, I will be adding a link to this place on my userinfo sometime this weekend.

Thanks, and I can't wait to meet someone new and maybe even RP! ^^
Saturday, June 25th, 2005
2:34 pm
*waves* ^^

Name/Handle: Mahogany (Alias) or Anja

AIM Screen name: Mostly I’ll be on these two screennames: Mahogany x Skies (for one-on-one RPs) or Smex in Leather (for chat/group RPs). The latter is a screenname created for a group RP, though, so it might be best to IM me on the former screenname first. ^^

Semes I play:


+ DN Angel: Satoshi

+ Fruits Basket: Akito, Kyo, Yuki

+ Gravitation: Ryuichi, Yuki (Eiri)

+ Weiss Kruez: Aya (Ran), Yohji

+ Yami no Matsuei: Muraki

+ Yu Gi Oh: Yami Yuugi, Bakura


Ukes I play:


+ DN Angel: Daisuki, Satoshi

+ Fruits Basket: Yuki

+ Fullmetal Alchemist: Edward

+ Gravitation: Ryuichi, Shuichi

+ Weiss Kruez: Aya (Ran), Ken, Omi

+ Yami no Matsuei: Tsuzuki, Hisoka

+ Yu Gi Oh: Ryou, Yuugi

Looking For:


+ A creative uke! :3 Lock me up, tie me to a bed, “get down with your dirty uke side”; do something besides cry, ne?

+ A cute uke. XD Or maybe a seme-in-disguise.

+ Rivalry, maybe?

+ Something besides a PWP. At least a little bit of character development is nice before they jump into bed/up against the wall. *nod nod* I’m more of a plot before play person, but I have some exceptions.

+ Someone willing to seme me. X3 Taking turns is just as nice.

Guidelines: Some


_Posting_: I try to match post lengths with the people I RP with, so mine tend to vary. However, I’d love you if you do paragraph posts. (First person is a bit choppy in my opinion, but I don’t mind it as much as others.)


_Grammar_: I really can’t stress enough the importance of grammar. Seeing as I’m majoring in English to be a teacher, I naturally have a tendency to be a stickler for passable grammar. You don’t need to be the best at grammar or at spelling, but please try not to type lyk dis. Also, you can relax around me. ^^; There’s no need to go overly poetic to get the point across. I mean, it’s someone’s bottom. I don’t need to know how so-and-so’s luscious ass happens to curve in a cosine slope. Likewise, informal language also makes me giggle sometimes. Yes, I know that they’re jamming cocks up each other’s asses. But…can’t it sound less brutal? XD


_Kinks_: *shrugs* I just go with the flow, really. However, it takes a really, incredibly good uke to persuade me to do any rape scenes. I'm not a fan of that, at all. As long as it's partial consent, though, I'm willing to do it. Otherwise...yeah. Persuasion needed for that. Anyway, this probably isn't really a kink, but I have a soft spot for fluff. Yes. Fluff. Or angst. And usually even aggressive relationships between the characters. XD


_Pairings_: And the truth is, I have no OTP. X3 I have preferences, yes, but no one pairing that I’m a stickler for. (This is especially holds true for YGO, what with the hundreds upon thousands of shippings. ^^;) In fact, I’m willing to do some character crossovers, so, no, I wouldn’t mind if Shuichi had some out-of-this-world experience with Ran. :3 I’d be an incredibly happy camper, though, if there’s anyone out there willing to do a Ryuichi x Shuichi or Yuki x Shuichi RP with me. ^^


_Notes_: I have a tendency to run random errands (*mutters* thanks to my bum of a roommate), so please don't think I'm avoiding you. ^^; I will tell you what I'm doing before I leave, so don't be afraid to bring up the topic of finishing our RP. *also has a tendency to forget things* It's happened several times already, so... yes. Also, I also end up doing multiple RPs at the same time, so I apologize if my responses take several minutes to complete. I'm usually online late at night (around 9 pm - 3 am Eastern) and mid afternoon (3 pm - 5 pm), so those are the best times for me. If you have problems with that, then we can probably work out a time schedule. ^^


_Extra Notes_: With several exceptions, I’ve almost always played seme. If anyone would like to seme me, please, please, please feel free to do so. I love being seme, but being uke is just as fun. ;___; I’d give a limb (maaaybe) to be uke just once. Also, I’ve had a hankering for Gravitation smut, so anyone who’d like to RP with me for that series is more than welcome to contact me. ^^ Don't be afraid to IM me! *nod nod*

Monday, June 6th, 2005
6:04 pm
Name/Handle: Be most happy if you called me Elli
AIM Screen name: TofuuMeloon
MSN Screen name: Akaitenjou@msn.com
Semes you play: I play video game, anime, book, movie, cartoon, original--whatever... work it out with me. We'll see what we can do.
Looking For: I'm looking for someone creative. I can't (more like is too lazy to..) think up situations or any plots. Someone who isn't scared of kinks like bondage, rape, or tentacles. :D
Guidelines: No chat language. No first person. In character(the best you could do at least. I won't bite your head off and scream.)
Notes: I wouldn't mind switching places either. And if we're gonna play, we're gonna be friends (not... technically... LJ-buddies... but we're gonna be civil). It's final. I'm picky as hell, use crude languages, and have times when I won't feel like playing because I'm just like that. I also have times when I'll have to stop in the middle and leave, but I'll tell you if I'm about to do something like that ^^.
Sunday, April 17th, 2005
9:39 am
Name/Handle: Antonio.
AIM Screen name: x italian menace x
Semes you play:
Final Fantasy VII - Tseng, Reno, Turk!Vincent, Rude, Rufus Shinra
Weiss Kreuz - Schuldig
Hellsing - Enrico Maxwell
Looking For:  I really have no preference who I play with. As long as you have some basic concept of grammer and you don't use horrible "internet slang",  things will probably run smoothly. But, if I were to choose, I am looking for decent Shinra players; AKA Rufus, Reno, Elena, etc.
Guidelines: I like playing in third person; it makes playing a whole lot easier. Angst is fine, just not in large portions. Humor is great, but it can't be all crack, all the time. I enjoy, for the most part, serious sessions.
Kinks: Seme vs Seme sex is always interesting. Crossdressing is great. Depending on the character I'm playing, bondage is a plus. I can, at times, tolerate cute scenes, but not often.

I believe that is all I have to say.

Friday, April 8th, 2005
1:59 pm
Just an example!
I decided that maybe if I posted an example of my RP that people would know what I normally do, and what I'd like, and well, expect, in return.

This is just a little starting post for a character of mine called Johnny Rook. He's a pick pocket. :B He's fun.

Genetic Lottery: Soon it would be rush hour, men and women eager to get home from work, shoving themselves into subway cars like sardines. Crowds waiting, crowds moving, bumping into eachother, people in a hurry. It was the best time of day to make a real killing. Johnny milled around, leaning against a piller, waiting for the trains to spew larger groups of people. The air in the subway was stagnant, dirty. It made the young Brit wrinkle his nose in distaste. But it was always worth it. Slim fingers played with the end of
Genetic Lottery: a tie he had filched from Alexei's photo-shoot, his black fur lined coat (also taken from the same shoot) was left open, exposing a white, some what wrinkled shirt. A yawn was waved away absently, fanned by the tie before both hands were shoved into the boy's faded jeans. Waiting was always dull, he almost wished there was some sort of performer around. Some times there was an old black man playing guitar for change. Today it was just the sound of wind in underground tunnels, the screech of metal parts and
Genetic Lottery: the occassional unintelligible squawk from the speakers, announcing something or other. Johnny's fingers tingled, he wanted to get to work and get on with his life. He was feeling like eating pizza tonight. "Hnn.."

If you are capable of similar writing, and are a raging DOM/SEME, please drop me a line. Genetic Lottery is an AOL screen name, so it's also my email addy. Or leave me a comment in my journal.

Oh, oh, some fandoms I'd like to play in, or could easily make original characters for.

Constantine (The Movie)
Metal Gear Solid (I likes me some Snake, or even Colonel Volgin)
X-Men (Wolverine and Gambit are pure sex-tastic)
El Mariachi Trilogy (Mmmmm...El...)
Poppy Z Brite's Lost Souls (I've always wanted to be a Ghost to some one's Steve)

And uhh...I dunno, lots more.


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Thursday, April 7th, 2005
12:21 pm
Uke in need of a seme!
Name/Handle: Julie
AIM Screen name: Genetic Lottery
Ukes I play: The ONLY character I play that isn't an original is Agent Sands from Once Upon A Time In Mexico. I actually don't play much anime/manga stuff anymore. I've fallen into using real people as pictures and wanting the people I play with to do the same. But I'm willing to over-look such things if I like you. I do have a few left over character pictures that I've drawn of my own.
Looking For: Some one who plays semes, obviously. I tend to be a one person player, I find some one I really like and click with, and RP with them exclusively. I like chatting OOC to find out what the other person likes and whatnot. I love people with a sense of humor over everything that's going on, and I often comment spasticaly on scene in the middle of them if I'm having a ton of fun. Really, when you love a character you have to make fun of them! I like the sly...almost subtly evil seme. Or a broody seme. Or..really..any kind of seme.
Guidelines: I do have some guidelines. I like atleast two full IM boxes or more. I always do two, and I would like to receive the same or better. I prefer modern realism, fantasy is alright, just make it modern. I do have a few fantasy-esque characters. I do have a bit of a bondage kink. And nothing at all squicks me, only bodily waste. Everything else is fair game. I like me some angst, but also comedy, and violence is fun on occassion...

Really, I am in need of some one to INSPIRE me. I've been falling out of the RP scene, I just need some one that I'll be excited to play with again. Some one I hope to see when I sign on, some one I can create characters with that we both fall in love with.

Please, semes, just give me an IM some time and let's get to talking about ourselves and see if we click. I'll love you long time. XD <3

Oh, and I have a wacky schedule. I work 3pm-11pm Eastern time four days a week. So I'm usually on...11am-1pm, or 12am-2am.

Let's try and work something out. <3

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Sunday, March 13th, 2005
5:38 am
Name/Handle: Angel

AIM Screen name: Forget Grey or MusedOnes

Semes you play: While I'm familiar with a couple of canons and lots of anime/mangas, I'm mostly, mainly interested in original characters. My semes tend to be few and far between, but I put a lot of effort into them. Somehow, most of them tend to be strong and silent unless the situation calls for it ^_^;; Really, my main emphasis on my characters is originality/believability so I promise to be unique!

Looking For: I'm actually looking for switches, or semes. I love dominant men over dominant men. I'm all for just about anything. I do have some nonos but there's a lot I'm willing to give a try, at least once. I love cyberpunk, science fiction, sci-fant, and anything that rocks the genres. I like to mix and mingle and change and pretty much any character type, well done, goes.

Guidelines: Some players have guidelines for RP. Like, min-max posts, kinks, stuff like that. Put these here. When writing, if I'm on the ball, I tend to like longer prose and paragraphs. Good grammar is a must, but I don't expect it to be perfect, of course. I'll love you forever if you're around more than less because when I enjoy the writing I am totally around constantly and you'll never get rid of me and I might become your first(next?) stalker! XD Just kidding... I do like to write and will devote near unhealthy amounts of time to it if given the chance.

Errr... as mentioned earlier, I'm pretty much game... if I've tried and didn't  like it, I'll let you know, but will prolly be willing to give it another go. New writing partner calls for stretches to be made and leaps of faith to be taken ^_~ IM me if I'm around as I don't like to be a bother... I'm usually online. Once you IM me, though, you're fair game!
Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
4:17 pm
Hi there...

Name/Handle: Adgee or Puppy

AIM Screen name:
Mansex no Jutsu or I am not Adgee

Semes/Ukes you play:
Originals, though I can be coaxed into various cannon-types. It's better just to talk it out, though. I actually play both seme and uke, and more versitile middle-characters. As I said, I'm mostly into playing originals right now, but I read a lot of translated manga, so I'm certainly not against working something out. ( http://www.rjlupin.com/rp/ametc.html includes some of the anime / manga I'm familiar with, but needs to be updated badly, seeing as I now own over 300 translated manga)

Cannon I'm lusting for: Hatori x Shigure (Furuba), Akito x Shigure (Furuba), Kakashi x Iruka (Naruto), Asuma x Shikamaru (Naruto), Jinpachi x Issei (Please Save my Earth), Laphiji x Seiliez (Vampire Game), Othello x Mitsume (The Demon Ororon)</p>
Looking For: I'm actually looking for semes or versitile characters. I've been playing a </i>lot</i> of semes lately, and I'd be interested in branching out. That isn't to say that I wouldn't play a seme, however. Any decent / original SL is appreciated. I like things new and untried.</p>

Nonos:</b> Unstomachable grammar and punctuation, a bad attitude OOC (I don't want you to make me feel guilty if I'm exhausted and have to go to bed) / general meanness OOC, posts that take two hours (I'd rather get a short post than a long one that takes forever), short-term RP, not knowing what you want (trust me, I'm indecisive enough for both of us!)...

Kinks: Incest, shota (10-13, mainly), teacher-student, romance, non-con, violence, foreplay, bondage is okay if it's done right...

Kink nonos: No furries (not including lycanthropes), and no animals without passing it by me first; no watersports or scat. I can be talked into just about anything else, but pass it by me first.

Misc: I love fluff. Fluff rocks my world. Fluff is useless, but... Well, I'm overly fond of it. It's not a prerec, so don't worry about it too much, but if you're a fluff-fiend, then give me an IM or ten.

So, yes, please feel free to drop me an IM or e-mail me at miss.puppy@gmail.com... Or, heck just leave a comment and I'll get back to you! Ask any questions you'd like -- I'm friendly!

[Edit] I think I accidentally closed someone's IM when they messaged me about this. If it seems like you were blocked, go ahead and give me a message here... because I have no way to check to see who it was... Sorry!

Friday, January 14th, 2005
4:13 pm
Aliases:Ziel, Z, Nadia, Caria

Style: freeform paragraph or short post
Format: email, messenger, board, LJ
Favorite Genre: fantasy, sci-fi, modern fantasy, steam punk, future, historical
Also Plays In: Anything if you explain it well enough
Plays both fan and original settings.
Fan Settings: Pern, Valdemar, Harry Potter, Outlaw Star, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Sonic, Hyper Police, Macross, Xanth, Faerun, Fruits Basket, Gungrave, Trigun, Chobits, Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Importality series.
Favorite Theme / Concept: demon/angel, flyboys Er..pilots, Questy stuff, Opposites attract(Enemy stuff or two types that rub eachother wrong.. EX: Theif/Cleric, Gunman/Police, etc.)
Rate your play: PG – NC17

Would you play ...
- yaoi? Yeah(non explicit)
- yuri? Same as above
- a death scene? Sure
- a villian? Perhaps yeah
- an otherwise controverisal character? Controversial how? Put probably a yes.

Peeves: I will never play with someone who ... Writes novels instead of posts, only does PWP, doesn’t at least TRY to spell right, only writes really short posts, does too much introspective stuff, angsts to much, whines too much, is a bitch OOC.
Adores: I will worship someone who plays ... Ukes with spine, characters with background, people with interesting names, somebody who is really good at thinking of ideas/plots
Warnings: I can't play serious evil, I don't write anything super graphic, I suck at writing backgroundy stuff but I can do it, I wont do anything "hardcore", and I have some spelling issues(Aka I don't always spell things write, then I get going I spell better, but I still have issues.)
Interested in: Plot or backgrounded shounen-ai, somebody who can take on the task of my more powerful characters and wont throw fits, or pretty much anything semi long term or long term.

AIM: ladycaria
Yahoo: warrior_nadia
Email: animecattery@yahoo.com

Comments: I'm always looking for new people to play with. I'm available from about 12PM to 12AM EST(I'm on a break from college..fwee.). I'm not good at making the first move, so I'd really prefer if you messaged me first. If you do I promise to talk with you, we can see if things will work out and then play some. I really am looking for someone for something long term, so if you think you'll get tired of me, please tell me before we really get into things, I'm tired of losing partners and having to recyle characters. I will do my best not to be a total jerk, but I get moody/hyper a lot, so..expect random mood changes. ^-^

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Sunday, January 9th, 2005
9:40 pm

Name/Handle: Sarah or Locura are the main ones- you can call me whatever you want, really.
AIM Screen name: Capturedribbons (I’m a bit jumpy when people IM me, though, so if I don’t answer right away on that feel free to e-mail me instead: Captured_Ribbons@yahoo.com)
Semes you play: I play more or less only Original Characters and the semes can vary.
Looking For: Anyone interested in long or short rps who keeps their characters male and doesn’t mind a conversation or two past RPs.
Guidelines: I will not play with someone who only plays ukes. I like diversity and prefer switch characters (ones that are not automatically seme or uke before we play) but as long as your characters are male and not practically females pretending to be males I’m happy. I like modern fantasy, playing with myths, serial killers, and other random twisted things.


I prefer 3rd person past tense paragraph form(with the paragraphs being longer then two lines and that’s it if possible) but will play almost any sort if you tell me what you prefer.


I like it best if you tell me what you like before we start trying to assemble a game otherwise I’m left guessing and that might not be at all what you want.


Also I don’t like much net speak. I don’t mind the occational K, brb, lol, gtg, wb sort but that should be kept out of the game (unless for some reason the characters are talking online?) and to a minimum. In most cases more then what I’ve listed and I will have no idea what you’re talking about.


**Doubly note: I am very sorry if you IM me and I don’t answer. Sometimes my AIM dies and I don’t get my IMs.

Saturday, December 25th, 2004
3:03 am
Uke seeking a seme

Name/Handle: Maggie/otherpervert

AIM Screen name: FoulMouthedPunk

Ukes I play: Zell from Final Fantasy 8, Reno from Final Fantasy 7, and all ranges of Original Character ukes

Looking for: Pretty much anything :)   Specifically Seifer, Irvine or Squall from Final Fantasy 8, Rufus, Sephiroth, Tseng, or Vincent from Final Fantasy 7, or any OC Semes

Guidelines: I'll do pretty much any kink except for snuff or bodily secretions that aren't semen or saliva. I'm generally up for ANYTHING else. I'm available to RP on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5 to 7 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 am to 1 pm, sometimes from 3-7 or 9-1, and every other Saturday from 11 to 1. I'm also willing to work out other times for RP if you need them, just let me know.

My usual RP style is " dialogue dialogue *actionsactions*", but I'm also more than capable of writing it out narrative style.

Saturday, December 11th, 2004
12:26 am
*waves hand* I'm a seme! Me-me-me!
Name/Handle: Kio
AIM Screen name: MamuEnvy but I'm not around on that much >.> Feel free to e-mail at just.off.center[@]gmail.com and I'll pop on
Semes you play:
Muraki - Yami no Matsuei
Aya - Weiss Kreuz
K - Gravitation
Benitora - Samurai Deeper Kyo
Kaidoh - Prince of Tennis
Raven/Serge - Virus Buster Serge
Magatsu - Blade of the Immortal
Pan/John - Island
Leon - Petshop of Horrors
Eclipse - Demon Diary
Majeh/Samhuk - King of Hell
Bi Ryu - NOW
Yujinn - Vampire Game
Kougaiji/Hakkai - Saiyuki
Akabane - GetBackers
Iruka - Naruto
Seishiro/Subaru - Tokyo Babylon (currently in testing X3)
Shen Long - Bloody Roar 2 version
Sephiroth/Tseng - FF7
Zell - FF8
Raiden - Metal Gear Solid 2 (new - wanting to test)
Dart/Albert - Legend of Dragoon
Guile - Crono Cross

Looking For: I'm not looking for original characters for my fandom characters (can be exceptions if interesting enough =^^=). I'm really craving some rare stuff here but have no problem with some of the main stream either
Muraki/Tatsumi - Tatsumi/Muraki
Crawford/Aya - Aya/Crawford
K/Yuki - Yuki/K
Magatsu/Manji - Manji/Magatsu (I will worship any Manji player ._.)

Guidelines: I'm really not that picky with spelling and such..but I do like 'you' instead of 'u' and that kind of crap when RP-ing. Outside of it, don't care. I like to do a single paragraph posting, hell, even just two really long strung together sentences make me happy. One liners are fine if the situation calls for it, if it doesn't...wtf? >< I'll feel cheated and sad. If someone likes more than one paragraph for posting, like..2-3 paragraphs etc. I can adapt but I just don't prefer it.

I don't mind sex scenes at all ^^ It's more interesting if the uke doesn't just lay there and go 'yes, yes' then that's it...but again I'm actually not that picky. Description goes a long way for satisfaction but simple and sweet provide an easy flow so I'm good either way. Just at least know the basics I guess? XD I don't mind blood, gore, kink, cursing, yada, yada. I'm sure I've run across everything at least once and I haven't run off screaming yet.

Long-term RP is lovely if the characters gain some depth during the plot, always some kind of twist but I don't mind short term either. Something just spread over the expanse of two days or the like and we move on with a different idea. As for short term RP-ers? Me no likie. Mostly when it concerns a pairing I would squeee over and want to play more than just once.

I suppose that's it *falls out of chair, fast alseep*

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Thursday, November 25th, 2004
9:19 pm
I need a seme
Has anyone seen Moon Child?

I want to play a uke Sho with a Seme Kei. If you are interested then contact me... I will also RP just about anything else but I really want to do Sho and Kei

Yahoo: swordswornofrohan
AIM: Anestel5
Email: Anestel@hithanaur.net

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Saturday, October 30th, 2004
12:41 am
Name/Handle: Kiba
AIM Screen name: Missione a Lupo
Semes you play: Big list here: http://www.freewebs.com/missionealupo/ There are SOME ukes there, too. I also have a bunch of original characters, and am able to make up some, if necassary.
Looking For: Mainly Raito x L (Death Note) or Kyo x Yukimura (Samurai Deeper Kyo) or really interesting original character SLs.
Guidelines: I'm pretty flexible. I just ask that you are able to RP intelligently, and play decent sex. If you don't, it kind of dampens my interest. While sex usually isn't the focus of my SLs, there is a reason why I like yaoi, and that is because the sex is HOT.

You can also email me at karibe@gmail.com.
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