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Just an example!

I decided that maybe if I posted an example of my RP that people would know what I normally do, and what I'd like, and well, expect, in return.

This is just a little starting post for a character of mine called Johnny Rook. He's a pick pocket. :B He's fun.

Genetic Lottery: Soon it would be rush hour, men and women eager to get home from work, shoving themselves into subway cars like sardines. Crowds waiting, crowds moving, bumping into eachother, people in a hurry. It was the best time of day to make a real killing. Johnny milled around, leaning against a piller, waiting for the trains to spew larger groups of people. The air in the subway was stagnant, dirty. It made the young Brit wrinkle his nose in distaste. But it was always worth it. Slim fingers played with the end of
Genetic Lottery: a tie he had filched from Alexei's photo-shoot, his black fur lined coat (also taken from the same shoot) was left open, exposing a white, some what wrinkled shirt. A yawn was waved away absently, fanned by the tie before both hands were shoved into the boy's faded jeans. Waiting was always dull, he almost wished there was some sort of performer around. Some times there was an old black man playing guitar for change. Today it was just the sound of wind in underground tunnels, the screech of metal parts and
Genetic Lottery: the occassional unintelligible squawk from the speakers, announcing something or other. Johnny's fingers tingled, he wanted to get to work and get on with his life. He was feeling like eating pizza tonight. "Hnn.."

If you are capable of similar writing, and are a raging DOM/SEME, please drop me a line. Genetic Lottery is an AOL screen name, so it's also my email addy. Or leave me a comment in my journal.

Oh, oh, some fandoms I'd like to play in, or could easily make original characters for.

Constantine (The Movie)
Metal Gear Solid (I likes me some Snake, or even Colonel Volgin)
X-Men (Wolverine and Gambit are pure sex-tastic)
El Mariachi Trilogy (Mmmmm...El...)
Poppy Z Brite's Lost Souls (I've always wanted to be a Ghost to some one's Steve)

And uhh...I dunno, lots more.

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