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Name/Handle: Mahogany (Alias) or Anja

AIM Screen name: Mostly I’ll be on these two screennames: Mahogany x Skies (for one-on-one RPs) or Smex in Leather (for chat/group RPs). The latter is a screenname created for a group RP, though, so it might be best to IM me on the former screenname first. ^^

Semes I play:


+ DN Angel: Satoshi

+ Fruits Basket: Akito, Kyo, Yuki

+ Gravitation: Ryuichi, Yuki (Eiri)

+ Weiss Kruez: Aya (Ran), Yohji

+ Yami no Matsuei: Muraki

+ Yu Gi Oh: Yami Yuugi, Bakura


Ukes I play:


+ DN Angel: Daisuki, Satoshi

+ Fruits Basket: Yuki

+ Fullmetal Alchemist: Edward

+ Gravitation: Ryuichi, Shuichi

+ Weiss Kruez: Aya (Ran), Ken, Omi

+ Yami no Matsuei: Tsuzuki, Hisoka

+ Yu Gi Oh: Ryou, Yuugi

Looking For:


+ A creative uke! :3 Lock me up, tie me to a bed, “get down with your dirty uke side”; do something besides cry, ne?

+ A cute uke. XD Or maybe a seme-in-disguise.

+ Rivalry, maybe?

+ Something besides a PWP. At least a little bit of character development is nice before they jump into bed/up against the wall. *nod nod* I’m more of a plot before play person, but I have some exceptions.

+ Someone willing to seme me. X3 Taking turns is just as nice.

Guidelines: Some


_Posting_: I try to match post lengths with the people I RP with, so mine tend to vary. However, I’d love you if you do paragraph posts. (First person is a bit choppy in my opinion, but I don’t mind it as much as others.)


_Grammar_: I really can’t stress enough the importance of grammar. Seeing as I’m majoring in English to be a teacher, I naturally have a tendency to be a stickler for passable grammar. You don’t need to be the best at grammar or at spelling, but please try not to type lyk dis. Also, you can relax around me. ^^; There’s no need to go overly poetic to get the point across. I mean, it’s someone’s bottom. I don’t need to know how so-and-so’s luscious ass happens to curve in a cosine slope. Likewise, informal language also makes me giggle sometimes. Yes, I know that they’re jamming cocks up each other’s asses. But…can’t it sound less brutal? XD


_Kinks_: *shrugs* I just go with the flow, really. However, it takes a really, incredibly good uke to persuade me to do any rape scenes. I'm not a fan of that, at all. As long as it's partial consent, though, I'm willing to do it. Otherwise...yeah. Persuasion needed for that. Anyway, this probably isn't really a kink, but I have a soft spot for fluff. Yes. Fluff. Or angst. And usually even aggressive relationships between the characters. XD


_Pairings_: And the truth is, I have no OTP. X3 I have preferences, yes, but no one pairing that I’m a stickler for. (This is especially holds true for YGO, what with the hundreds upon thousands of shippings. ^^;) In fact, I’m willing to do some character crossovers, so, no, I wouldn’t mind if Shuichi had some out-of-this-world experience with Ran. :3 I’d be an incredibly happy camper, though, if there’s anyone out there willing to do a Ryuichi x Shuichi or Yuki x Shuichi RP with me. ^^


_Notes_: I have a tendency to run random errands (*mutters* thanks to my bum of a roommate), so please don't think I'm avoiding you. ^^; I will tell you what I'm doing before I leave, so don't be afraid to bring up the topic of finishing our RP. *also has a tendency to forget things* It's happened several times already, so... yes. Also, I also end up doing multiple RPs at the same time, so I apologize if my responses take several minutes to complete. I'm usually online late at night (around 9 pm - 3 am Eastern) and mid afternoon (3 pm - 5 pm), so those are the best times for me. If you have problems with that, then we can probably work out a time schedule. ^^


_Extra Notes_: With several exceptions, I’ve almost always played seme. If anyone would like to seme me, please, please, please feel free to do so. I love being seme, but being uke is just as fun. ;___; I’d give a limb (maaaybe) to be uke just once. Also, I’ve had a hankering for Gravitation smut, so anyone who’d like to RP with me for that series is more than welcome to contact me. ^^ Don't be afraid to IM me! *nod nod*

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